Now that winter has arrived and temperatures are dropping, it’s time to think about the work needed to keep your lawn in perfect condition. A good lawn needs a lot of care to look perfect in springtime: Aeration, cultivation, gravelling, weed killer treatments… along with other types of care required in each season.

For example, once winter is over it’s the perfect time to fertilise (long duration fertilisers) and gravel the grass.

What is gravelling and what exactly does it involve?

Gravelling is a task related to cultivation, involving the application of silica sand to the lawn. This promotes and increases soil porosity, which is ideal for the proper development of the lawn’s root system and controls excess moss that forms as a result of a decomposition of organic waste and lawn growth. Gravelling also covers seeds, keeps moisture in the soil and promotes contact between the seeds and soil for subsequent germination.

This work is normally done with the arrival of spring, although performing the process after planting the lawn is also beneficial. Bear in mind that you can gravel your lawn at other times of the year (at least once per year), such as during cultivation and aeration work, which is a great chance to apply a layer of silica sand to strengthen the lawn and promote growth.

Where to buy gravelling?

If you have any doubts about gravelling or need material for it, remember that at Agrojardín we have everything you need for this task. This, combined with advice from our expert staff ensures that your lawn will stay strong and shiny.

We look forward to seeing you at Agrojardín, your garden centre of choice on the Costa del Sol!