5 Pet friendly plants

If pets and plants live together in your house… they can be friends or be in war constantly. If one of your pet’s hobbies is to bite plants, you should be aware that some are dangerous for animals and can even be toxic. But don’t worry, we have 5 plants super cute, are totally pet friendly 🙂

Spider plant

The spider plant, also called airplane plant or ribbon, is a very typical, beautiful and elegant houseplant. You can choose put it in a normal pot or a hanging pot. We assure you that wherever you put it, it will look perfect. However, it is possible that your pet will be more attracted to it than other types of plants.

Elephant food or Ponytail palm

This plant can be up to 10 m high, although if we have it in a pot inside the house, it is usually up to 1.5 m (more or less). The shape of its trunk, after which it is named, is due to the fact that it stores water and nutrients to be ready in times of shortage. Like all plants originating from the desert... it loves its good dose of light, it doesn’t need much watering and it can’t stand temperatures below 10 degrees.

Cat grass

This plant is the favorite of all cats on the planet and it is absolutely safe to eat it. On the contrary, it is beneficial for them. It has a high fibre content which helps improve digestion and also makes it easier for your cat to eliminate annoying hairballs. And if that’s not enough… it provides protein, vitamins, folic acid, minerals and antioxidants. Also, if your cat is happy to nibble this plant, the other plants in your home may be safe from her fangs.

Be careful not to confuse with catnip, which is another type of plant that stimulates the cat’s sensory neurons and an excess of it could leave the cat too excited. Although there are cats that are not so sensitive, and there are even some that are not affected at all.


Succulents are in fashion and you can find them in different types and sizes. They are perfect to decorate any corner of your house and are harmless for your pets, as long as they do not have thorns, of course. In particular, the most harmless is the echeveria. You must be careful, because some succulents are toxic to animals.

Toxic succulents

Jade plant (Crassula argéntea), Aloe (Aloe vera), Snake plant (Sansevieria trifasciata), Kalanchoe (Kalanchoe spp.), Panda plant (Philodendron bipennfolium)



This beautiful plant, with its wonderful leaves, is totally harmless to pets. However, it is best that your pet does not nibble, so that you do not get angry with she. And if it does… you know what that you must do. Scold him a little and make him see that his passion for nibbling your plants… is not funny to you.

These are our 5 favorite pet friendly plants, but there are many more. So if you have pets at home, make sure when you buy a plant that it is not toxic or harmful to your friend. If you come to Agrojardín, we will help and advise you to fill your home with plants that can live peacefully with your pets.