Carray out a landcape project is not simply reduced to the construction of a garden, but also the environment where it is carried out must be must be taken into account. Following this philosophy, at Agrojardin Landscaping we offer garden design service for companies and individuals on the Costa del Sol.

We take care of editing the visible characteristics of your exteriors with the purpose of creating an incomparable landscape enviroment, always keeping in mind natural elements such as the land features, structures, buildings and material objects, without losing sight of the climatic conditions, and natural and artificaial lighting. Our landscape design professionals posses skills in the fied of planning, creativity and organization, always up date with the latest trends.

The current need fornatural landscaping does not hove to ignore the needs of plants or how to maintain them in the simplest, most practical and sustainnable way. The Agrojardin landscaping studio has decades of experience and offers a comprehensive gardening and landscaping service, always though two fundamental values:

  • Highly qualified professionals (biologists, agronomists, gardeners and landscape, architects)
  • Maximun technical and aesthetic quality.

Landscaping Meakeovers

For a garden to provide unique sensations, we must do much more than plant trees and grass. From Agrojardín, we plan and execute makeovers for the landscaping of terraces and small gardens. we study each plot in depth to achieve effective garden with the latest technology and distribution, so they are more functional, more sustainable, and with less work to take care of them, bringing green life closer to the whole family.

Urban landscaping: theme garden and organic gardens

Urban landscaping is a new concept based on vertical ecosytems. Extensions on land are no longer needed: vertical gardens offer the possibility of taking advantage of walls to have a green space almost anywhere.

In this way, the experienced professionals of Agrojardín will offer solutions for any type and size of environment with the aimto make thematic gardens meet your expectations, whether they are scented, desert, spring, orchid, tropical, exotic, rose gardens, etc.

On the other hand, urban gardens promote positive values that Agrojardin shares: self-consumptio, knowing the nature cycles of the land and promoting sustainnable practices. Our landscapers will help you create those spaces with everything you need, from from fruit trees and vegetable crops to planting boxes and composting.

Do you want us to take care of your project?

We will help you in all phases: study of the outdoor space, its design and drafting, planning, management and construction of the garden. We know the technical requirements of an outdoor space and therefore we understand the importance of working as a team from the beginning of the project. Trust expert hands of garden landscaper such as Agrojardín and get the spaces you have always dreamed of.

Te ayudaremos en todas las fases: estudio del espacio exterior, diseño y proyecto del mismo, planificación, dirección y construcción del jardín. Conocemos los requisitos técnicos de un espacio exterior y por ello sabemos la importancia de trabajar en equipo desde el inicio del proyecto. Confía en las manos expertas de un paisajista de jardines como es Agrojardín y consigue los espacios con los que siempre has soñado.

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